Laboratory Supplies

lab1The lack of reliable equipment and quality chemicals and reagents on the local market necessitates Chemiphar to import all the laboratory inputs from outside. From our contacts in Europe only top-class laboratory inputs from a number of reputable suppliers are obtained.

lab2These products are now made available to all laboratories, schools and interested institutions in the country. Goods are imported on order, the most common laboratory inputs are available ex-stock.

  • From simple to more sophisticated measurement and test equipment: pH meters, Moisture Meters, Analytical Balances, magnetic Stirrers, Rotavapors, HPLC, Atomic absorption, Spectrometer (AAS), TLC, Gas Chromatographs, UV-Spectrophotometers, etc.
  • The complete range of chemical reagents in different qualities: reagent p.a., extra pure, pure, technical.
  • Microbiological culture media and their supplements.
  • All glassware and other laboratory consumables: filters, petridishes, pipettes, sampling containers, pipette tips, etc.