Environment testing

plantGeneral awareness grows that if our environment is not protected the quality of our life and our health is jeopardized. To safeguard against degradation of the environment rigid standards are being imposed and worldwide industries are being taxed according to the level of pollution discharged in effluents and gas emissions.

Chemiphar offers a range of routine and sophisticated analyses to assess the levels of contamination in waste, sewage, surface, ground, spring or swimming pool waters; in soil and sediments samples. Chemiphar has introduced sampling equipment enabling the determination of total discharge in effluents of polluting agents at the exit of factories by taking modular samples and measuring flow during a determined period of time.

A selection of the most requested analyses carried out in waters are:

  • Soluble and suspended solids, turbidity, temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, total volatile solids
  • Flow rate measurements
  • Biological and Chemical oxygen demand
  • Detergents-anionic, cationic and non ionic
  • Ammonia, nitrate and nitrite
  • Phosphates, sulphates, sulfides, chlorides, chlorine
  • Heavy metals and pesticides
  • Polyaromatics, aromatics, haloalkanes, phenols, oils and greases