Agriculture commodity inspection services

AGRICULTURE3Food quality control includes all activities carried out to ensure the quality and safety of the food at all stages of the food supply chain from primary production, through processing and storage, to distribution.AGRICULTURE6

The main risks are contamination by micro-organisms, toxins, foreign matters, chemical contaminants and excess of moisture content, a degradation of the nutritional value or a pest infestation. These risks can be prevented or mitigated by a better knowledge of the risk factors for each commodity, by safe handling of food, by a careful inspection and precise analysis. Therefore, the samples taken have to be representative for the total mass under examination.

AGRICULTURE1Inspection in relation to food management will involve a detailed examination of all, or part of, the consignment of produced foods, stored commodities, the methods of handling and transport, the storage building, and the standards of storekeeping and pest control.

The overall objective of inspection is to provide information as a basis for management action and future planning to ensure that deterioration and loss of stored commodities are kept to a minimum.AGRICULTURE2

We can perform inspections for products like grains and pulses, cocoa, fish for export, and seeds among others, and our scope of accreditation includes:

  • sampling
  • loading and offloading (tallying)
  • packaging and labelling

We are also equipped to do for you on-site analysis of grains and pulses.