Our Customers (This list is not exhaustive)

In Uganda:

our_customeMinistry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries and Fish Industries (Karmic Foods, Fishways, IFTRA, Fresh Perch, Lake Bounty, Lake Eco Fish Processing, United Sea Foods, Aqua Perch, etc.)
National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NW&SC)
Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) -AMEND
Private companies such as:
Mineral Water Processing Industries (Aqua Coolers, etc.)
Hygiene control: Newrest (Entebbe Inflight Services), ENHAS (Entebbe Handling Services)
Processed Food Industries (Mukwano Industries, Reco Industries, Britania Allied Industries, Numa Feeds)
Meat Industries (Fresh Cuts)
Oil industries (Tullow Oil, Total)
Seeds Industries (Naseco Seeds Ltd, etc.)
Dairy Industries (Jesa Dairy Farm Ltd, Birunga Dairy Industries)
Vanilla (Gourmet Gardens, Amfri Farm, UVAN, Reliable Eco Solutions Union, Vita Plus)
Cocoa (Esco, Three Farmers, Gourmet Gardens)
Grains (Afrgri Kai)
Sugar (SCOUL, Export Trading)
Breweries (Nile Breweries Ltd, East African Breweries Ltd)
Beverages (Crown Beverages (Pepsi Cola), Century Bottling Company (Coca Cola), Movit Products, Okra Beverages)

In Tanzania:

Division of Fisheries, Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourisms – Analysis of Fish
Fish Industries
Vanilla Farmers

In Ethiopia:

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – Analysis of Honey, Jute Bags, Coffee

In Rwanda:

Inyange Industries (Dairy Products)
Sorwathé (Tea)

In South Sudan:
Yash Investment (Eggs)
Samaritans Purse (Seeds)

In Europe:

BRLi (France) – Lake Water sampling and analysis
Cocoa Traders (Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany) – Inspection and analysis of Cocoa
Baltic Control (Denmark) – analyses of seeds


Massachusetts General Hospital – Sampling and analysis of water sources


  • UN-WFP – Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, South Africa, South Sudan (Juba), Sudan (Khartoum), Zambia, Indonesia – Superintendence, analysis of grains and pulses, analysis of CSB+, supply and training of “blue box”
  • UN-Monusco – Uganda, DRC – Analysis of food supplies
  • UN-FAO – Inspection and analysis of seeds
  • ICRC – Inspections and analysis of seeds and agricultural commodities
  • Es-Ko – Sampling and analyses of food and beverages